Album Review: O’Kingdom – Adamah

O’Kingdom – Adamah

Release Date – October 2011

Genre: Metal, Hardcore

1. I Am No Traitor
2. The Appointed Boundaries
3. A Place For No Man
4. The Rising Up
5. Prophecy

For fans of: Miss May I, Whitechapel, and The Devil Wears Prada


O’Kingdom is a fresh band, having just formed in 2010, Adamah is their first release.  This five song EP shows the bands potential in a big way. The breakdowns on Adamah are so catchy, you cannot sit still and listen to this. If you are you can you’re probably dead. While every song on this album is amazing,  the stand out track is The Appointed Boundaries.  It was the first song that I heard from this band and on the first listen I was immediately hooked.  As heavy as this song is, the choruses paint such amazing mental images. The vocals are a great blend of screams and singing. I would highly recommend buying this CD. You can pick it up here on iTunes today!

Review by Zach Rantanen

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