Yourself And The Air, Ease The Medic Photos

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Last Thursday (06/02/2011), Yourself And The Air played at The Basement in Columbus, Ohio, for the first night of their summer tour.  Local band Ease The Medic opened the show.  Photos from the show can be seen on our Flickr.

Yourself And The Air

I had a chance to sit down with Yourself And The Air before the show and ask them a few questions:

Holy Cow Music Press: You’re from Chicago, how long ago did you guys get together and how did you meet each other?

Yourself And The Air:  We went to school together; we’ve actually known each other since high school.  I think that’s when we really all started hanging out.  We first started playing five years ago, right after high school.  We realized together that we’d rather play music than sit in a classroom.

HCMP:  Where does the band name come from?  Any particular meaning?

YATA:  I think it was just a friend, who said the term real quick and it just kind of stuck.  From there the name just grew and we kept it as is.

Our buddy said “Go pollute yourself and the air”, referring to cigarettes polluting your body, and he was trying not to smoke.  It kind of stuck, and we started talking about it; it seemed to be pretty all-encompassing, like yourself and the Zen.  You’re never alone, there’s always something else out there.

HCMP: This is the first night of your summer tour, is this your first tour?

YATA: No, we’ve been out touring for about four years.  At first it was all booking yourself, and you email three hundred people and you’re excited if you hear back from three.  It’s been difficult, definitely a long road just to get here, we’re happy to have more people behind our backs at this point.  We’re fortunate to be blessed by a label and a wonderful booking agency.


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