Reckless And Relentless Tour Review


We caught up with the Reckless And Relentless Tour on its stop in Seattle, WA on March 29, 2011. The night was full of surprises, and through all of the chaos, some bands still shined.  As I walked in to Studio 7, Evergreen Terrace was just finishing their set and getting the crowd pumped for the rest of the bands coming up.

Let me just warn any future concert goers about Studio 7.This club is not set up for smooth movement through it. Be ready to have to fight to get to the bathroom.  The ceilings are all bare wooden beams as well.  It was not my favorite venue to attend; there was no barricade, and the staff weren’t exactly friendly either.  But on to the music!

The crowd’s anticipation started to build as the bigger bands were going to start playing now. The push for the front became very heavy at this point. Miss May I, Chiodos, Emmure, and Asking Alexandria were the bands that were coming up.

Miss May I really had to fight to get through their set. They had so many kids crowd surfing to get on stage that all of the mic cables were getting broken. The problems didn’t really start happening until the end though, so they were able to belt out the best in their arsenal from Apologies Are For The Weak and Monument. By the end their mics were so beaten down, the crowd had to sing the clean vocals on the closing song, Relentless Chaos. All in all, Miss May I played so hard that everything started to give out on them on the stage, but they delivered a killer set regardless of these circumstances.

Next up was Chiodos. Their sound guy was not too happy about playing on a beaten up stage following Miss May I, so he made a remark thanking the band for breaking the mic cables. The crowd shrugged it off and waited in anticipation for Chiodos to start. I don’t know how, but Charlie Sheen always manages to work his way into everything. Just when you thought he was gone, he shows up again. Chiodos’ intro music was a techno mix of some clips from an interview with Sheen. I guess that caught even the club off guard because they forgot to turn down the main lights for the full first song. The band had to tell them to shut them off. The band suffered through the same mic problems that Miss May I had but got through it. They played a decent set but the new lead singer Brandon Bolmer had noticable troubles hitting the higher notes that (previous Chiodos frontman) Craig Owens would nail with ease on previous records.

Emmure was up next. This band killed it. There were no problems, no mess ups, nothing bad. This set was flawless, and these guys really had it together that night. If you want to see a great hardcore band live, see this one. They don’t mess around. They go in, are more brutal than anyone out there, and they get out. Job well done by Emmure. They played songs from all of their albums and played them all perfectly. There was great participation from the crowd as well.

At this point I want to make note of how different lead singers are from each other. Before each set, every lead singer got ready differently. Levi Benton from Miss May I was joking around with the other guys in the band just like it was any other day. Brandon Bolmer was doing what looked like jumping jacks. Frankie Palmeri was sitting quietly on the stairs, looking off in a thousand yard stare. Then there was Danny Worsnop of Asking Alexandria. He was absolutely wasted. This guy has been known to put on a good show in the past. But he has come to the end of people looking away from his foolish behavior. Everyone who was at the Studio 7 venue that night was made clear of Worsnop’s dirty laundry. He stumbled on stage and gave his drunk remdition of what sounded like The Final Episode. The crowd was furious that he did it all wrong and was stumbling and knocking speakers down. after the song, the crowd was booing him and he walked off stage. At this point, we had enough. Mary and I from Holy Cow! Music Press walked out. I felt as though Danny should take his own advice. If you cant ride two horses at once (alcohol & fame) then get out of the circus. After a little research we found out that the crowd joined in a chant of “Drunk Piece Of Shit” and then Ben Bruce told the crowd to help him to get Danny to go to rehab. Asking Alexandria had to finish this show with a fan from the audience that knew the words. This band has to play the entire Warped Tour this summer. I hope they know what they are getting into, and I personally hope Danny Gets help.

Review by Zach Rantanen

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  1. Suzanne says:

    All true – I was there. Thanks, Zach

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