Jonny Craig Enters Rehab

It was announced earlier today by Rise Records and the Artery Foundation that Jonny Craig entered himself into rehab after his recent Macbook scandal became public this week.  Craig Ericson (Rise Records) and Eric Rushing (Artery Management) both made statements about the issue, which you can read below.


In regards to Jonny Craig; Jonny has checked himself into a professional detox treatment facility located in North Hollywood, CA. His addiction needed immediate attention and with the help from Music Cares, we were able to make it happen. Rise Records and Artery Management will reimburse all people who Jonny took advantage of financially. No one will be getting ripped off and we’d all like to issue a public apology to anyone who had been taken advantage of.

Regarding live performances: the Emarosa/Chiodos tour will continue as planned with Tilian Pearson (former vocalist of Tides of Man) filling in for Jonny. All scheduled Dance Gavin Dance shows will happen as planned next month and beyond.

Everyone from his team wishes Jonny the best in his recovery.  We’re all looking forward to the new and improved Jonny.


4 Responses to Jonny Craig Enters Rehab

  1. zrantanen says:

    This is so sad, but, he needs to clean up…bottom line, I’m glad I didn’t buy the tickets to go see him. I knew it was a risk. So I didn’t gamble. I hope he comes out clean and still just as passionate if not more about the music. His saying on twitter is #fuc…keverythingbutmusic
    I think he needs to stick to that. No drugs, easy on the drinking. And no scams or drama. Just Music. The main thing he tells fans at every show is to respect music. But I think he needs to respect the art a little more himself and not abuse the power and responsibilities it comes with. He’s an amazing singer. He just needs to stick with that. And not mess around with things outside of music.

  2. Sammi says:

    I love Jonny Craig, and hopefully this helps him out a bit. Good luck J.

  3. Savannah says:

    I have tickets to see Dance Gavin Dance March 30th, if he’s not there i WILL cry. :(

  4. Emma says:

    I love Jonny Craig and his music, I hope comes out clean with a new view, and just stick to music :’)

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