Concert Review: OK Go

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For those from Columbus, Ohio who spent last Sunday evening at the Newport Music Hall, this Halloween was surely a night they will never forget. With the opening acts decked out in costumes, and OK Go putting on an incredible set, it’s safe to say that this concert will be talked about for quite some time. From confetti blasters and fur-trimmed guitars, to 3D music videos and impromptu Les Miserables performances, OK Go most definitely pulled out all the stops for their 2010 North America tour.

Their set list included songs from all three of their albums, certainly pleasing every fan in the crowd. This included hit singles from their sophomore album, Oh No, such as “A Million Ways” and “Here it Goes Again,” which gained popularity via the internet a few years ago. Aside from old favorites, the band also included new songs from their latest album, Of the Blue Colour of the Sky. Their most recent music video release was for the song, “White Knuckles,” which they performed live and later showed the video for. However, it wasn’t exactly the video that you’ve most likely seen on YouTube.  Instead, the band pushed the boundaries on creativity once again and showed the video in 3D. Just before showing said video, vocalist, Damian Kulash, quite literally moved the crowd when he performed “Last Leaf” in the middle of the mosh pit. And as if the show could not have gotten any better, Kulash later called up members of the audience that came in costume, to come on stage, declaring that it was the “official OK Go dance party.”

After the band had seemingly concluded their set, they surprised everyone moments later by coming back on stage for a few more songs. However, they came back out in total darkness playing fur-trimmed guitars and wearing LED light adorned jackets. Needless to say, it was an unforgettable finale, and much like the rest of the concert, it left the crowd in awe. With the aid of songs played solely on hand bells, 3D music videos, performances from Les Miserables, and (of course) amazing music, this concert will without a doubt be regarded as a fan favorite for many, if not all, who attended.

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