Review: Miss May I – Monument

Miss May I – Monument

Release date – August 17, 2010

Track List:

1. Our Kings

2. Masses Of A Dying Breed

3. Answers

4. Relentless Chaos

5. Creations

6. Gears

7. Colossal

8. We Have Fallen

9. In Recognition

10. Monument

Hello readers! My name is Zach and I will be doing CD reviews here at Holy Cow! Music Press. I will be telling you about the albums to pick up and the ones you should pass up.

Miss May I is an Ohio metalcore band that formed in 2006.  Monument is the band’s second full length album. In this release, Ryan Neff (Bass & Vocals) is really a shining star.  While Ryan pours out the most powerful lines, sometimes sounding similar to As I Lay Dying, Levi Benton (Vocals) delivers devastating screams.  The breakdowns on Relentless Chaos are ridiculously catchy, and impossible not to jam along with.  In Recognition is a very powerful ballad that sways and moves with an ocean tides rhythm.  Then it breaks in to the title track. The double bass sounds impossibly fast on this track.  These guys have truly grown from their last release, 2009’s Apologies Are For The Weak.  I recommend picking up this head-banger anthem.  But try not to listen to Relentless Chaos while driving; it is dangerous.

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